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Cooking up some comfort

16 February 2017

After a stroll outside with the family or a long day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home to the wonderful smells of home cooking. But with all those weeknights flashing by so quickly, cooking can often become more of a burden than a comfort. So here are 4 tips on how to make amazing comfort food for the whole family, even in the middle of the week.

  1. Plan the week’s meals the weekend before and try creating dinner themes that’ll excite all those little mouths to feed.  
  2. Try to make recipes where the leftovers can easily be stretched to make another meal, like grilled sausages that next day make a super addition to Grandma’s spaghetti sauce.
  3. Cook as much as possible on the weekend by doubling up on side dishes (especially rice, pasta, veggies, etc.) as once frozen they’ll give you quite a head start on your cooking.
  4. After supper, take 15 minutes to plan the next day’s menu and take care of those little jobs that will really help speed things up the next day. The kids can even help out!  

Bon appétit, and most of all, use the time you save to spend with your loved ones!

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