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La cabane, c’est chez nous. Chez nous, c’est Lafleur.

7 February 2022

Lafleur is thrilled to renew its partnership with Ma cabane a la maison for a second consecutive year!

Sugaring off time is just around the corner, and no pandemic can put a damper on our love for a trip to the sugar shack! Starting February 16th, 2022, fifty Quebec sugar shacks are inviting themselves over to your place and bringing along an amazing sugar shack experience courtesy of Ma Cabane à la maison.

Coming off a super successful first edition with over 110,000 gourmet boxes sold and 500,000 meals served, not to mention over 2 million visits to its web site, Ma cabane à la maison is back in force with its second edition.

Lafleur has helped cultivate the sugaring off tradition since 1912 with its delicious hams, bacon, sausages and cretons. You could say it’s a key part of the year for Lafleur and it goes without saying that our sugar shacks have become important partners for us. So it’s only natural that Lafleur partners up once again with Ma Cabane à la maison.

Not only is sugaring off a tradition that’s deeply rooted in Quebec and a part of our heritage that’s worth preserving, it also lets Lafleur encourage folks to buy local, which is vital in these difficult times for our businesses. So Lafleur is very proud to support Quebec’s sugar shacks, as well as the Ma cabane à la maison event. In fact, Lafleur is the main sponsor of the Ma cabane à la maison music show, featuring some of Quebec’s favourite artists. Thanks to Lafleur, things are really going to swing in Quebec living rooms this sugaring off season!

If you would like to take part in the experience yourself, you can order your own Ma Cabane gourmet box here:

We think it would be a lot of fun if you recreated the sugar shack atmosphere in your own home and we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you do so. Visit our special sugar shack web page and get into the swing of things!

Happy sugaring off season!

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