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5 ways to make Mother’s day!

9 May 2017

Moms cajole, console, spoil, teach and sing but most of all, they love unconditionally. So this Mother’s Day, it’s your big chance to return the favor, to take care of her and to show her how much her love is appreciated. Here are 5 things you can do with Mom on her day!


Breakfast in bed

The old standby on Mother’s Day, but the truth is it never gets old. Everyone loves to wake up to the aroma of bacon and grilled sausages!

Botanical Gardens visit

Every year we give Mom flowers, so this year why not take her to see the real deal? It’ll be time spent together she’ll cherish long after the inevitable wilting of that lovely bouquet.

A day at the spa

Who doesn’t love to relax, get waited on hand and foot and spoil themselves a little for a change? No one, and Mom, who is constantly taking care of everyone else 24/7, even less!   

A shopping excursion

Mom has always taken us shopping for clothes and for school, so it’s her turn to make the rounds of the stores while we hold her bags! 

An afternoon at the museum

Taking her time, drinking in all that inspirational art and getting caught up in the wonder of it all: all the things Mom never has time to do she can do today, because today is her day!  

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