An Out-of-the-ordinary Easter Brunch

1. Classic brunch: the ultimate comfort food

A brunch that will remind you of the good memories of mornings spent looking at the menu for 45 minutes at the breakfaste restaurant and still ended up ordering the “construction” meal. Generous, consistent and offering all shades of brown and yellow on the same plate, the classic brunch is a tradition that is unanimous.

Here are the essentials of the lumberjack meal:

  • Eggs (Sunnyside up for purists)
  • Breakfast sausages
  • Hash browns
  • Baked beans
  • Sliced sharp cheddar cheese
  • Pancakes AND French toast
  • A few fruits (just to get rid of the guilt and vary the color palette)

Don’t forget the star of your concept! It awakens sleeping nostrils, arouses passions and generates many “Is there any left?”. What would brunch be without… BACON!? Prepare it according to the general vote: seared in the pan and perfectly al dente or grilled in the oven for about twenty minutes at 400 degrees and crisp to the bite.

The pile of dishes makes you rather want to switch to “saving dish soap” mode? Pre-cooked bacon comes to the rescue! Fresh and decadent, ready in seconds in the microwave, it’s sure to make everyone happy, even the dishwasher!

2. Italian Brunch: A Breakfast Pizza Contest!

Do you have a competitive spirit like all the rest of your family? Organize a pizza brunch competition that will amuse everyone, while saving you time and energy! The concept is simple: the best pizza wins! It’s up to you to see what the prize will be 😉

Just put on the central kitchen island or on the table, the different ingredients that can be chosen according to everyone’s desires or strategy (your goddaughter Lili’s layered pizza with extra-extra bacon is genius).

Here are some essentials:

  • tomato sauce
  • eggs
  • black forest ham
  • peppers
  • spinach
  • caramelized onions
  • grated cheese (mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar)
  • bacon (in good quantity so that there still some left once Lili has served herself)
  • fresh herbs (basil, parsley, coriander)
  • fresh sausages
  • chocolate sauce
  • fruits: pineapple (you know, for those ham pineapple pizza lovers!), apples, bananas, strawberries…
  • pizza dough, flat bread or naan bread (we put it in bold because it’s important…)

3. “Spreadable” brunch, for those who just love toasts!

The art of spread is a bit like the ritual of coffee: once you are initiated into it, you can’t do without it. A brunch made up of a variety of spreads of all colors, textures and flavors is sure to be a hit.

To spread that happiness, here are some five-star candidates:

  • Salmon rillettes with dill
  • Roasted almond butter
  • Pâtés
  • Cretons
  • Red pepper and feta spread
  • Homemade Nutella with dark chocolate

There are no limits with spreads! And the best part of it all is that this formula requires very little preparation in the morning. Prepare your small pots in advance, and voila, you can relax. Don’t forget to offer a variety of breads: bagels, baguettes and homemade bread.

Have a nice long holiday everyone!