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5 hikes that are perfect for the whole family

5 June 2017

Fresh air, physical activity, taking in some gorgeous scenery and escaping the city: is there anything more revitalizing than a family hike ending in a picnic with cretons and ham? Here are 5 parks and hiking trails that are perfect for the whole family.

Boucle des Trois-Étangs

5.5 km long, about 2 hours to complete. Gently rolling, can be accomplished with a stroller with large wheels and, as its name indicates, it follows the shorelines of three ponds.

Sentier du Lac-Gabet

An intermediate hike of 3 km, with a lake perched high near the summit that makes a great objective for motivating the troops.

Parc régional des Appalaches

Dogs are welcome in this magnificent park where your adventure will take you across 10 suspension or arch bridges.

Pic de la Hutte

For a shorter outing, this 1.5 km hike ends with the area’s most impressive overlook.

La colline du Calvaire d’Oka

An ancestral Way of the Cross, this trail links a number of 18th century chapels and oratories. A number of learning opportunities about reptiles and racoons can be enjoyed along the way.

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