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Win Lafleur products and make your mom a brunch! 8 Lafleur products sets to be won.

Around here, it's

In Quebec, getting together means celebrating, it’s in our DNA. So whatever the occasion, here’s everything you need for all your gatherings!

Original fully-cooked bacon, thick slices

For people who like their bacon thick and ready in a jiffy!

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Ham, spinach and cheese quiche

A recipe that induces ravenous hunger

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Bacon is always good, especially at the sugar shack. With syrup. Lots of syrup.


Tiny cocktail franks in maple syrup are almost too good. Almost.


Happiness on a stick


Quebec's gold in the making


Maple taffy on snow


Got syrup here? If there’s no syrup here, I’m outta here.

- Un Québécois accro de sirop


It wasn’t born yesterday!

A tradition in the truest sense of the word

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The world belongs to early risers... especially those who make breakfast!


Maple syrup and bacon: as inseparable as Quebecers and hockey.


Maple taffy + bacon = <3

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