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Hot dogs hit the road!

29 June 2022

As a proud associate of the La Belle Tournée television program that every week explores a different part of Quebec, Lafleur decided to share some original hot dog topping ideas inspired by regions the show has visited. As part of the local culinary heritage, the toppings from Montreal, Îles de la Madeleine, the Eastern Townships and Centre du Québec will let you serve your guests hot dogs that are anything but ordinary. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover some combinations that are exactly what you were looking for in a hot dog. Happy noshing and happy travels!

The Baseball Fan (Montreal) – Since the city is known for its delicious smoked meat, we thought why not add strips of smoked meat to a hot dog, along with drizzle of classic ball park mustard.

The Ultimate Question (Centre-du-Québec) – The debate rages on: where was poutine first invented, in Victoriaville or Drummondville? One thing’s certain, the region of Centre-du-Québec seems to be the birthplace of this food that’s the pride of Quebec. So, for a hot dog that represents this neck of the woods, try adding some squeaky cheese curds, fries and brown gravy!

The Pantry Dog (Montérégie) – Known as the pantry of Quebec, the Montérégie area is home to a huge number of farms. And when autumn rolls around, lots of people visit the region to go apple picking. So we suggest adding some apple slices to your dog, for a little sweet and sour crunch that totally tastes like the Montérégie.

The Townships Melt (Eastern Townships) – The Townships region is a paradise for lovers of local cheeses. Create your own Townships Special by grating one of these as a topping and finishing off the hot dog under the broiler or on the BBQ!

The Surf and Turf (Îles-de-la-Madeleine) – It is simply not possible to visit the Îles-de-la-Madeleine without eating fish or seafood. To satisfy your cravings for a seaside holiday at least for a while, in a small bowl combine small shrimp, mayonnaise, chives, lemon juice and a bit of hot sauce to taste. Mix the salad well, use it to top your hot dogs and voila!

The Pride of the Lake (Lac Saint-Jean) – If you’ve ever been in this part of the province, you’ve definitely eaten the local blueberries which, contrary to legend, may not be the biggest in the province but are definitely the tastiest. For the perfect sweet and salty combo, add a little Lac Saint-Jean blueberry jam on your hot dog, preferably while singing Québécois songs around a campfire!

La Belle Tournée airs Monday nights at 8 and on Télé-Québec Fridays at 10. For more information and tour details, or to catch up on shows you missed, visit their web site.

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