The legend of Matilda of the cretons

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In the middle of the 1700s, Matilda Robin met the handsome Louis. It was love at first sight. They planned to marry the following summer. She even sewed her own wedding dress. A few weeks before the wedding, the British attacked Quebec City and the brave Louie left for the front.

Matilda went to wait for him at the foot of Montmorency Falls, their favourite meeting place. There she waited for her beau, forgetting even to eat. So her grandmother came and brought her some cretons.

Learning that Louie had fallen in battle, Mathilda put on her wedding dress and  took off running towards the falls.  

The next day, noticing she was missing, her family went to the falls, but could not find her. Instead a brand new waterfall in the form of a wedding dress appeared.

Until the day she died, the grandmother placed an individual portion of cretons at the foot of the falls. Strangely, the next day people would find the container empty, in the same place it was left.

Today, it is in her honour that Lafleur makes Grand-mère cretons in individual portions to show that, no matter how much time has passed, true love never dies.

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