Animals that know how to beat the summer heat!

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When it comes time to cool off, are you the type of person who heads straight for the pool, grabs a tall glass of lemonade or simply lazes around the air conditioner? Animals have their own clever ways of beating the heat and some of them will surprise you!

Produce your own sunscreen!

Despite weighing a couple of tonnes, the common hippopotamus has skin that’s remarkably sensitive to the sun. In addition to spending the bulk of its time under water, the animal produces a viscous substance that gives its skin a slight rosy glow. It acts like sunscreen and even guards against ultraviolet rays! Nice!

And at the Zoo?

Even though they are not subject to the dry and punishingly hot conditions found in some parts of the world, residents of the Granby Zoo are entitled to a few perks that make the summer season more comfortable for them: misters in certain outdoor sections, abundant shaded areas and shelters, giant ice lollipops in their favourite flavours (with chunks of fruit for primates and bits of fish for the big cats) springs, lakes and ponds for swimming, and much more!

Gorille Pop

Put on a fur coat… really?

How many times have you seen an animal during hot weather and said to yourself: it’s covered in fur, that’s nuts!  Lunacy or strategy? Fur actually acts as a screen between the animal’s skin and the sun’s rays, partially insulating it from the heat and limiting rises in body temperature.  What’s more, when an animal is pale in colour, like a lion, it’s able to reflect some of the sun’s radiation.

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