21 larger than life colossal creatures

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21 full-scale dinosaurs in a whole new world to discover! 

Their true to nature aspect and movements will leave you awestruck! They’re real! They’re right in front of you, moving and turning their heads. As they open their enormous serrated jaws, their blinking eyes gazing at us, arms moving, tails lashing through the air, roaring in our presence, we truly believe we have travelled back to the Jurassic era. Shivers guaranteed!
Here are some of our new residents:

Dinozoo 9

The Tyrannosaurus rex: dangerous and playful

Commonly thought of as a lone wolf predator, recent discoveries suggest this “king of the tyrant lizards” was more social.

The Omeisaurus: a huge variance in size

The best protection Omeisaurus had from predators looking for a high protein meal was its sheer size.

Dinozoo 13

The Triceratops: aggressive, deadly – and flirtatious?

Triceratops battled one another face-to-face much like a medieval knight at a jousting tournament. The fossil evidence shows other horned-face dinosaurs fighting style was side on.

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