Traditionnal sugar shack table arrangement

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Sugaring off time is the perfect time to have the family over, put on a huge spread and break out some of those old-time sugaring off songs. Here are a few ideas on how to go traditional all the way through to your décor.  


Sugaring off is synonymous with red-and-white checked tablecloths, there’s no denying it.  

Syrup jars

The perfect sugaring off accent item, they can be used in a number of ways as part of your table decorations. Fill empty, fancy syrup bottles with twigs as part of your centrepiece, use them as utensil holders or even as serving cups for strips of bacon.  

Metal pots and plates

As mundane as they may seem, a big part of the atmosphere of a sugar shack comes from the huge pots and pans placed directly on the table ready for everyone to dig in and serve themselves.  So for that truly authentic feel, break out all those old pots and pans you have hidden away in your cupboards.

Snack bar style napkins

There’s no denying that what gives a sugar shack its cachet is its authentic, no-frills approach.   Is there anything more genuine and traditional than those good old snack bar placemats inviting you to the table?


Sugar shacks are all about warmth. So load up the table with wooden items for that rustic feel only a sugar shack can create.  Whether you use wooden slabs under each place setting, wooden spoons or simply bundles of twigs artfully tied up as a centrepiece, wood really delivers the warmth.

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