Modern sugar shack table arrangement

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You’re having everyone over for a traditional sugaring off brunch, but you want to add a modern twist. Here are 4 decorating items that are easy to find and are sure to give your brunch a more modern feel.  

Log rounds

Quite trendy for some time now, they create instant atmosphere with style. Use as placemats, coasters or as decorative objects tied up in cute little bundles. Buy them at the store or visit your back yard… all it takes is a swing of your mighty axe!  


Checked cloth

Instead of the more traditional, more common tablecloth, go for a checked table runner or napkins that pick up on this classic motif. You can get away from the good old red-and-white checked standard by using different colours and more modern patterns. Checks don’t have to overwhelm your décor, but they are pretty much essential to the sugaring off theme.



A very traditional material, but also very chic when used appropriately. A jute table runner over a checked tablecloth, or utensils artfully bundled with jute string, these are just a couple ideas among many!  

The deer family

Deer, moose, caribou, whatever, if it has antlers, it’s trendy. Whether printed on napkins or embroidered on a pillow, or even if you have actual antlers gracing your table, they lend a touch of chalet chic to any décor. Idea: Make a cardboard stencil of a deer and stamp it on a white or jute tablecloth with spray paint.

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