Hold a mini-Fort Boyard for a kid's birthday

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Introduce them to this Québécois TV classic with this high-adventure birthday! Maybe you’ll create a new tradition, because the other kids are going to want a birthday like this one.

How it works

Explain to the kids that there’s a treasure to be won, but to open the treasure chest, they have to get through a bunch of games and tasks, first, just like a treasure hunt. One they’ve made it through all the stages, they get a small treasure chest filled with candy or chocolate coins.


Why not carry the theme into the invitation itself, by adding a riddle they need to answer to get in?  


The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas:

Mystery Bin – Fill a bin with gooey foods (noodles, oatmeal, Jell-O, flour (dough?), grapes, etc.) and add in several small objects kids have to dig out, but they only get a minute to do it.

Puzzles – Find several riddles and assign each a digit that’s part of a 3- or 4-digit combination for a lock. The lock can be on a door or a chest filled with candy or still another clue in the quest.  Disguise someone as Père Fouras to add a little atmosphere!

The potion - Père Fouras is sick, he needs his gourd filled with elixir and fast!  The only problem: in order for the magic potion to work, kids have to fill the gourd without using their hands, by holding a spoon in their mouth.  Kids have only two minutes to fill the gourd using just their mouth and a spoon.

Organizing one? Send us some photos! We’d love to see them :)

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